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Hannah Stouffer ink & digitally rendered [usa]

Los Angeles-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer finds a great deal of comfort in imagery. She is infatuated with icons that embrace specific themes and subcultures, such as; luxury, decadence, classic americana, heavy metal, the animal kingdom, femininity and foliage.

The intricate curling lines of her work might not seem so remarkable, were it not for the fact that all her illustrations are hand-drawn—no FreeHand, no Illustrator. In fact, she says this intricate style has only developed during the past year. "I was painting a lot in the past, but I was always trying to make my paintings more detailed, more illustrative. It never felt quite right." Eventually, she decided to stop painting altogether, and, she explains, "I began some hand-drawn illustration work, the really decorative, time-consuming pieces. It felt really great–really freeing, really comfortable."

Most of her work is ink on paper, occasionally incorporating gouache and watercolors for gallery shows: "I like gel pens and Uni-Ball Vision Exact rollers. I need a pen that I can really dig into the paper with. Once I have everything scanned, I am able to take them deeper in Photoshop. I can do the coloring a lot faster this way, and I'm able to combine illustrations, in a kind of cut-and-paste style."

Making personal pieces is vital to her, even if she's snowed under with commercial jobs. It's both a source of inspiration and a chance to grow. "I usually get all the basis of my style from personal work, and then take it into commercial work," she explains. "The illustrations I do for myself or for gallery shows are much more consuming. I'm able to spend more time on them. I always feel better about them, more excited, more connected."

Her work is featured in ART BUREAU 17.

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no. 17

Art Bureau 17:
Not only did Hannah Stouffer design the cover for Art Bureau 17, but she also has several pages of artwork inside.

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Hannah Stouffer {Beard & Ponytail}
2-color screen-print on thick white 200gsm card stock
Each print is 8.5" x 5.5" and signed by the artist in an edition of 100

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