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Linzie Hunter digital illustrator [uk]

Linzie admits to indulging in the following Deadly Sins:
Gluttony: cheese cake and Chinese food.
Greed: second-hand book shopping.
Envy: Jim Flora, Picasso, Gary Taxali, Jonny Hannah, etc...
Pride: my collection of 50s crockery.
Wrath: George Bush and people who litter.
Sloth: on the sofa, watching disaster movies.
Lust: my boyfriend, of course

greed sloth LZwrath

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linzie hunter

Linzie Hunter {Sometimes...}
Each 8.5 x 5.5 print is hand-screened with 2-colors on white card stock.
Printed in an edition of 100, and signed by the artist in pencil.

Each order includes a large promo postcard from Linzie and Art Bureau 11 (zine).

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Please get in touch if you're a gallery or art shop. Wholesale orders are great. We are located in Portland, OR.

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